For a design to run in Animate Preview, the design must pass two suitability checks to ensure that the design will produce a reasonable result in a reasonable timeframe.  This is carried out before Animate Preview starts generating layout. The checks are outlined below.

  • Condition One:
    The schematic design library must be associated with the technology library that the layout will be using Flat instance count (100 devices)

    • Up to 100 instances across all hierarchical designs linked through the hierarchy of the top (current) level.

    • This count does not include M-Factors or Vectored devices, these both count as 1 instance.

    • This condition can be overridden by selecting 'Run' on the Animate Preview context menu.

  • Condition Two

Animate Preview has recognised 80% of the cells as mosfets, resistors or capacitors.

This condition can not be overridden.

If the Circuit Suitability Check fails, right-clicking on the Preview Window 'Circuit Suitability Report' will display a dialog showing the check that has failed.

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