Animate Preview now has proxy support.

When run from Virtuoso, if a license error is detected, a new menu item will appear on the right-click menu:
Set Proxy

Clicking Set Proxy will display a dialog, allowing you to enter the appropriate proxy details:

  • IP Address
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password

These are stored in the top level $HOME/.config/Pulsic/Animate.conf qt settings file, in encrypted form., e.g.






Environment Variables

In addition to proxy support, Pulsic also provides support for the following environment variables. 

Note that the environment variables take precedence over the Setup Proxy dialog.

This can be a proxy string in the format of:
"user:pass@ipaddress:port"   or    "ipaddress:port"

This environment variable may be set using:

Alternatively, an encrypted form can be passed in using:

  • animatepreview --encrypt "user:pass@ipaddress:port" and setting PULSIC_ANIMATE_HTTPS_PROXY_ENCRYPTED to the return value;

  • or by using the command line switch "animatepreview --encrypt_proxy" and, following the prompts, set the environment variables at the end.

The Set Proxy dialog can also be called standalone using:

animatepreview --set_proxy

RLM Diagnostics Tool

The RLM Checker executable is provided alongside the animatepreview binary (in the bin folder) called “rlmchecker”.

You can run it as follows:

rlmchecker /home/user/animatepreview/licenses/animatepreview-https-ls72.rlmcloud.com.lic

where the second argument is the full path to the license contained in the “licenses” folder inside the animatepreview installation.

This binary obeys the PULSIC_ANIMATE_* proxy environment variables, but will ignore the settings in the proxy settings dialog box (generated by animatepreview --set_proxy).

If your proxy server username or password contains a space or special characters (e.g. “User Name”) it should be added to the environment variables as a percent encoded string,
e.g. “User%20Name”

For example, (all examples are in bash)

You can try the following example - please be aware that password is unencrypted in this example. Once we establish this works as expected, we can look at the encrypted password version.

export PULSIC_ANIMATE_HTTPS_PROXY=myuser:mypassword@proxyserver:portnumber

rlmchecker /home/user/animatepreview/licenses/animatepreview-https-ls72.rlmcloud.com.lic

Checking and setting proxy settings

[PASS] Proxy Setup

Checking if we can see the license server

[PASS] ls72.rlmcloud.com resolved to

[PASS] RLM Handle is valid

[PASS] Can checkout license feature

If these succeed, then we can establish that you can connect to the license server and checkout a license.

You can also test curl directly if you have it installed.

To do this, set the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable to the same string you have set for $PULSIC_ANIMATE_HTTPS_PROXY and run the following:

curl https://lic72.rlmcloud.com

If it resolves correctly, the output should contain the following text:

“<title>RLM Cloud - Software License Management in the Cloud. | Licensing Software - Reprise License Manager | RepriseSoftware.com</title>”