Animate Preview has failed to start because one or more invalid arguments have been set. 

This can be for two reasons. 

1) The skill code loaded into Virtuoso® is either older or newer than the Animate Preview binary you are trying to run. 

  • Please check your .cdsinit to check if its pointing at the correct skill code in your Animate Preview installation.
  • Please check your $PATH to ensure the correct animatepreview is found. You can usually do this by typing:
    which animatepreview
  • If you have used the PULSIC_ANIMATE_PREVIEW_STARTUP_COMMAND please ensure it is set to the correct animatepreview.
  • Attempt to relaunch Animate Preview.

2) An Invalid startup switch has been used in the PULSIC_ANIMATE_PREVIEW_STARTUP_COMMAND

  • Please check the stdout and stderr files in your .animatepreview session directory to find the environment variable that is invalid.
  • Remove this variable from the PULSIC_ANIMATE_PREVIEW_STARTUP_COMMAND environment variable.
  • Attempt to relaunch Animate Preview.