On the right is the Wall, a window that shows the resulting layouts that Animate generates.
It shows all the layouts that have their Use entry in the Results window ticked.

Right-clicking on the Wall displays a context sensitive menu.

  • View allows you to descend into one of the layouts in the Wall.
  • Edit descends into a layout, in the Animate Editor.
  • Hide hides a layout from the Wall. It is the same as unchecking the Use? Field for the layout in the Results window.
  • Hide Unselected hides all except the selected layout from the Wall.
  • Sort By allows sorting the layouts according to e.g. area. It is the same as toggling the sort order in the Results window.

To view or edit an individual layout, left double-click on it. In the layout window, context sensitive menus are displayed by right-clicking. 
With nothing selected, the basic menu is displayed:

  • Results Wall takes you back to showing all layouts. 
  • Edit goes into the Animate Editor (link).
  • Toggle Full Window opens up a large window for the layout. Other windows e.g. the Colors window can be added to this window for easier layout exploration.
  • Ruler is used to add rulers. Rulers snap to the highlighted edges of shapes.
  • Delete All Rulers deletes rulers.