Animate Preview was unable to create an OA library named "Animate_Cache" at the location specified in the cds.lib file.
There are a few possible causes:

  • The target path might be empty. Possibly, it is specified using environment variables that have failed to evaluate as intended, producing an empty path. 

    Fix the definition in cds.lib or set up the environment, as appropriate.

  • If the "Animate_Cache" library is not defined in cds.lib it will be created in the current working directory. 
    In either case, this error can occur for a couple of reasons:
  • The parent directory is not writeable. 
    Ensure that you have write-access in the parent directory.

  • A file called "Animate_Cache" already exists at the target directory. 
    Delete this file.

A solution in either case is to create or edit the "Animate_Cache" definition in cds.lib to specify a writeable directory. 
Then re-run Animate Preview.