ATE-1451Improved recognition of power down devices.
ATE-1449Improved method for picking net for deep N well guard rings.
ATE-1448Improved selection of guard ring for "high r" resistors.


Resolved Issues



Fixed an issue  where the gui could lock up for a few seconds during layout generation.

ATE-1379Fixed an issue causing excessive spacing between some mosfets.

A redundant merge of layout controls from a lower level into a higher one resulted in duplication and an erroneous common ID, instead of two distinct IDs. This has been fixed.

Other Items

ATE-1442, ATE-1416, ATE-1377, ATE-1450, ATE-1420, ATE-1418, ATE-1412, ATE-1406, ATE-1441, ATE-1436, ATE-1433.