ATE-1373Improved understanding of power and ground nets during constraint recognition.
ATE-1394Added support for the same size resistor grid pattern.
Note: This ticket does not guarantee that resistors are placed with this pattern, just that they can be if area/wirelength allow.


Resolved Issues



Fixed incorrect netlisting of m-factored diodes.

ATE-1348Fixed failed mosfet recognition for mosfets in subdesigns with certain ppar parameters.
ATE-1458 Diff pairs issue resolved, ensuring that diff pairs are placed at the boundary between the N and P regions, as expected.
ATE-1453An issue with pattern placement in floorplanning preventing same size neighbouring dummies from being removed has been resolved.
ATE-1500Fixed a crash in constraint generation, as well as a bug which caused a hang in resistor row spreading.

Other Items

ATE-1470, ATE-1465, ATE-1463, ATE-1423, ATE-1265, ATE-1467, ATE-1466, ATE-1464, ATE-1461, ATE-1460, ATE-1401, ATE-1397, ATE-1462, ATE-1443, ATE-1408, ATE-1407, ATE-1406, ATE-1414.