ATE-1499Added support for 1 row non-match cascode placement.
ATE-1055Animate now allows matches to accept power downs if they have a common library cell and can be resized appropriately for the match. Animate identifies power downs that need to be resized and applies the new parameters to the instance when producing layouts
ATE-1543Added project default for diff pair pattern style.
ATE-1535Added project default for end of row dummy lengths and top/bottom dummy widths.
ATE-1545Grid pattern editor now supports vectored instances.


Resolved Issues


ATE-1275Fixed a bug where guard ring paths could fail to have the correct offset.
Fixed crash during mirror symmetry constraint generation.
Fixed hang generating layout of certain resistors.
ATE-1506Fixed an issue preventing the differential pair from being pushed to the NP boundary in some circumstances.
ATE-1503When removing a dummy in situations where two matches are adjacent in a row, each with their own dummy, the uniform spacing constraint of both matches is now correctly applied to the single remaining dummy.
ATE-1480Fixed issue with bad local symmetry being created, if devices were not the same gate width in a row.
ATE-1490Fixed a potential crash when attempting to view the blueprint of an empty schematic.
ATE-1546Added additional guards and checks to prevent a crash in the Save popup.

Other Items

ATE-1484, ATE-1483, ATE-1452, ATE-1446, ATE-1391, ATE-1356, ATE-1496, ATE-1494, ATE-1493, ATE-1481, ATE-1431, ATE-1401, ATE-1397, ATE-1505, ATE-1498, ATE-1478, ATE-1476, ATE-1472, ATE-1456, ATE-1408, ATE-1407, ATE-1406, ATE-1474, ATE-1435, AN-5519.