ATE-1545The grid pattern editor now supports vectored instances.
ATE-1543Animate now has a project file default for diff pair match style.
ATE-1535Animate now has a project file default for end of row dummy gate length.
ATE-1509Animate now provides final quality routing solutions for non-match cascode structures with equal number of legs in each row.
An additional requirement for routing is that all devices in the pattern have the same electrical width and length.
ATE-1053Animate now adds final quality routing for symmetry split cascode current mirror structures.


Resolved Issues


ATE-1525Fixed an issue where Animate could create a short stub of guard ring.
When sharing end-of-row devices between adjacent match arrays, Animate no longer considers a powerdown to be the shared instance, if doing so will break contact sharing inside one of the matches.
ATE-1521Fixed an issue resulting in a missing left-side alignment between rows that do not contain a line of symmetry.
ATE-1520Prevented inrow cascode-CM pattern when the cascode and current mirror have different gate widths.
ATE-1518Fixed an issue where some instances could have the work poly escape direction after wirelength optimization.
ATE-1517One row non-match cascode pattern now has the 2 gate nets escape in opposite directions.
All expected soft patterns are now created.

Other Items

ATE-1530, ATE-1508, ATE-1502, ATE-1445, ATE-1445, ATE-1513, ATE-1512, ATE-1510, ATE-1485, ATE-1469, ATE-1547, 
ATE-1516, ATE-1515, ATE-1514, ATE-1473, ATE-1422, ATE-1408, ATE-1407, ATE-1406, ATE-1404, ATE-1385, ATE-1498,