ATE-1538Improved via selection for poly heads.
ATE-1488Diodes are now included in the device report.
ATE-1378In a deep N-well process, Animate places pmos devices in an N-well guard ring. Some mosfets contain shapes on the deep N-well layer and these must be enclosed in a deep N-well shape.
Before this release, Animate would wrap devices in two guard rings; N-well and deep N-Well.
From this release, Animate wraps these devices in a single guard ring which is filled with shapes on both N-well and deep N-well layers.


Resolved Issues


ATE-1571Fixed pPar m-factor resolution when the parent parameter is only stored as a property on the parent instance.
Added verbose netlist generation diagnostic category CAT_NETLIST_GENERATION_VERBOSE.
A bug has been fixed that prevented asymmetric parts of a row of mosfets from contact sharing with a symmetric part of the same row.
ATE-1362Instances now correctly placed as grid.

Other Items

ATE-1587, ATE-1560, ATE-1550, ATE-1559, ATE-1536, ATE-1531, ATE-1485, ATE-1424, ATE-1581, ATE-1573, ATE-1572, ATE-1568, ATE-1566, ATE-1557, ATE-1549, ATE-1507, ATE-1419, ATE-1144, ATE-1143, ATE-1142, ATE-1141, ATE-1140, ATE-1139, ATE-1129, ATE-373, ATE-1596.