Support for additional metal1 enclosure of contact rule.


Project and Technology default constraint settings now available for "resistor_rotation_allowed".

This setting can also be adjusted within Animate on each run from within the Design Constraints tab.


Added option to stop Animate grouping routing (e.g. poly heads) with mosfets in the OA layout


Added ability to save layout from within Animate’s GUI.
Save icons are now available in the Animate Preview results table and layout tiles. Clicking either icon opens a new save widget, with the same selection option available through the Cadence® Virtuoso plugin save form.


Animate now recognizes rf devices as mosfets.


Animate now supports the automatic rotation of singleton standard cells during placement.
The manual rotation of all standard cells is also supported in the Blueprint Editor.


Animate now supports a line of symmetry through irregular current mirrors.
Matches with instances of the same single finger gate length but different numbers of fingers are symmetric in terms of individual gates, but asymmetric in terms of instances, and previously did not have a line of symmetry. They now do have this, despite the instance asymmetry, marking the symmetry of the fingers instead.

Tools have been added or modified on the Blueprint Editor:

  • Add vertical line of symmetry
    When instances are selected that are not currently part of a line of symmetry, a new line of symmetry is created, based on the selection, so long as the instances are contiguous within each row.
  • Extend vertical line of symmetry
    When instances are selected, where at least one is currently part of a line of symmetry (max of 1 line of symmetry), that current line of symmetry is extended to all instances in the selection, so long as the instances are contiguous within each row. 
  • Remove vertical line of symmetry
    When instances are selected that are currently part of a line of symmetry (single or multiple lines of symmetry), those instances are removed from their lines of symmetry, so long as for each line of symmetry the remaining instances are contiguous within each row.
  • Merge vertical line of symmetry
    When multiple line of symmetry layout controls are selected, all lines of symmetry are merged into a single new line of symmetry, so long as the instances from all groups combined are contiguous within each row.


Support for power rails to extend out and connect to guard rings.
Animate now connects the over device pattern routing power rails to the surrounding guard rings on the same net.


Animate now adds routing between nmos and pmos current mirrors that share a line of symmetry and are separated only by a differential pair that also shares that line of symmetry.


Animate now attempts to minimise the number of the pitches used by the router to improve area.
It also attempts this in cases where the mosfets have a single dummy row above and/or below the mosfets using the channel on the outside of the dummies by providing feedthrough vertical connections from the active mosfets.


Resolved Issues



Fixed a bug where a guard ring segment may be placed in error.


An issue with the multi-instance move of a selected column of resistor instances in the Blueprint Editor is now resolved. 


Improvements have been made to spacing estimation for irregular instances across the line of symmetry.


An issue has been resolved, where setting the number of rows on a match constraint, in specific circumstances, would cause the placement of those instances to fail.


Fixed several issues where poly escape direction of dummies could be incorrect.


Power down instances added to match constraints whose active devices have a different electrical width are resized to the width of the actives.
Previously, when entering the Blueprint Editor on the initial estimated floorplan, it was possible for the original, unresized shape of the powerdown to be shown. This has now been fixed and the powerdown instance will have its resized shape.


Fixed an issue where a pattern would be rejected if it had equal wirelength to the default result. 
Now, all patterns with equal or better wirelength or better critical wirelength are accepted.


When a match contained both stacked mosfet connection chains and individual instances, it was possible for the stacked mosfets to be placed in the match and the other instances to be unmatched. This has now been resolved.


Other Items

ATE-1601, ATE-1556, ATE-1614, ATE-1611, ATE-1597, ATE-1562, ATE-1561, ATE-1487, ATE-1482, ATE-1429, ATE-1593, ATE-1591, ATE-1584, ATE-1575, ATE-1565, ATE-1528.