Animate now allows the user to resize the dummy gate length to a minimum. This minimum is taken from the CDF defaults.


Animate now minimizes the length of the routing between two routing patterns.


When a group of rows does not have a line of symmetry to align them in base analog style, Animate places an alignment on the left edge of the rows to align them there.


Pattern placement – partial symmetry
Previously, there would only be symmetry when in Mirror Symmetry style, either detected automatically due to symmetry in the circuit, or selected by the user in the Style tab of the GUI. 

Now, when Animate recognizes subcircuits and combinations of subcircuits within a schematic that require matching, lines of symmetry are added in, local to those matches, even in non-Mirror Symmetry styles. The non-matched portion of the schematic is placed around the symmetric region, either symmetrically or asymmetrically, depending on the instances to place.



Resolved Issues



Fixed an issue where a guard ring segment could be placed in error.


Animate now runs validation on the default project file (animate.project).


Animate now displays the parser error when a .project file is invalid.


Improved poly head flipping, so that non match instances now correctly match the direction of match instances in the row, when previously they would fail to in some cases.


Animate now flips all powerdowns if necessary, to put gate connected net on the outside - unless doing so would break contact sharing. Previously, this only happened for powerdowns in current mirrors.


Other Items

ATE-1663, ATE-1636, ATE-1635, ATE-1634, ATE-1666,  ATE-1650, ATE-1642, ATE-1641, ATE-1639, ATE-1638, ATE-1637, ATE-1633, ATE-1558, ATE-1667, ATE-1652, ATE-1651, ATE-1622, ATE-1607, ATE-1604, ATE-1599, ATE-1588, ATE-1219.