Resolved Issues



Fixed an issue related to creating cells.
ATE-1660Animate now connects up end of row power down instances in a routing pattern to the enclosing guard rings, in the same way that end of row dummy instances do.
ATE-1631Animate now comprises over device source/drain track extensions over end of row dummy devices in single row diff pairs, in favour of connecting the dummy devices to the guard rings.
ATE-1630Extended the power rail to guard ring connections mechanism to also provide the same connectivity between hotwell device nets and guard rings.
ATE-1620Diff pair to current mirror connections now remain balanced in the presence of other connectivity in the channel.
ATE-1617Improved out of the box layout for adc.


Other Items

ATE-1655, ATE-1587, ATE-1683, ATE-1682, ATE-1681, ATE-1680, ATE-1640, ATE-1676, ATE-1674, ATE-1673, ATE-1621, ATE-1475.