UI changed to allow delete button on search bar to be used when the search bar is not in focus.
ATE-1671Improved mosfet recognition to cope better with non-rectilinear gates.
ATE-1708Improved handling of soft patterns with small instances.
ATE-1672Added a critical path quality check to the wirelength check when selecting soft patterns. Patterns will be selected if they give a better "quality" critical path, regardless of change in wirelength. If quality is equal, Animate falls back to the previous check.



Resolved Issues



Fixed an issue where certain diffusion resistors were mis-identified as mosfets.
ATE-1589Pcell Evaluation fail caused by override parameters has been fixed. Override parameters are now checked against the CDF defaults, and ignored if the parameter is not present in the CDF.
ATE-1689Fixed an issue with resized resistors being incorrectly added into a guard ring in some cases.
ATE-1679An issue causing blueprint estimates to use the wrong size of segments for segmented resistors has been fixed. Resistor segments would appear to be the wrong size and be packed as if they were that wrong size, though it was corrected when the final layout was produced. They are now the correct size in both estimated and realised layouts.
ATE-1654Fixed assert when making row spacings uniform in estimates.


Other Items

ATE-1664, ATE-1544, ATE-1704, ATE-1703, ATE-1702, ATE-1701, ATE-1699, ATE-1698, ATE-1697, ATE-1694, ATE-1693, ATE-1692, ATE-1563, ATE-1709, ATE-1707, ATE-1706, ATE-1688, ATE-1662, ATE-1661, ATE-1659, ATE-1646, ATE-1632, ATE-1606.