Improved centring of irregular current mirror devices in DiffPair-CurrentMirror patterns.
ATE-1624Where a soft pattern is recognised of subcircuits that cross a well boundary and require a line of symmetry to align them, Animate ensures that they have a common line of symmetry ID and get aligned.



Resolved Issues



Mosfets with contacts that do not obey recommended rules will extend the dfm exclude shape to suppress them.
ATE-1741When optimisation of an irregular current mirror results in a column of redundant padding dummies, Animate removes that column.
ATE-1722Animate now adds wirelength optimisation to flip match poly escape direction, if it reduces wirelength. Restricted to single row matches when gate geometry is matched for now.
ATE-1721Modified the optimisation requirements for cas-cm pattern so that Animate can generate the soft pattern in some cases where the mfactor of each mirror is odd. Will use AAAMBBB pattern if default AABBMBBAA pattern is not possible.


Other Items

ATE-1726, ATE-1740,  ATE-1737, ATE-1717, ATE-1716, ATE-1715, ATE-1711, ATE-1677, ATE-1675, ATE-1569