Resistor grid soft patterns will now allow different finger width resistors with same finger length and cases where the devices don't have the same schematic finger length, but can be resized to do so.
ATE-1863Improved rotation of non-mos (resistors/capacitors) to minimise wirelength.
ATE-1719Soft patterns should now always match the schematic position by default, unless there is another connectivity reason to do otherwise.
ATE-1856Improved performance of importing layout to Animate Preview.



Resolved Issues



Fixed crash when changing between different levels of a hierarchical design.
ATE-1867More accurate guard ring definitions for certain PDKs.
ATE-1868Same source net, same gate net, same gate width and same size resistor group soft patterns will now obey the symmetry mapping when in full symmetry mode.


Other Items

ATE-1835 , ATE-1834, ATE-1832, ATE-1850, ATE-873, ATE-450,  ATE-449, ATE-446, ATE-415, ATE-402, ATE-401, ATE-400, ATE-383, ATE-382, ATE-276, ATE-262, ATE-259, ATE-256, ATE-254.