Improved choice of poly escape direction to minimise wirelength/get nicer routing. 

Some improvements to how resistors are placed to get better routing solutions.



Resolved Issues



Resolved Calibre DRC violations for a specific schematic.
Checks on Animate's generated layout for this schematic, show no DRC violations are recorded.

Handled some cases where irregular arrays would fail to generate layouts in full symmetry.

ATE-1915In some scenarios, it was possible to draw a new guard ring reinforcement path in the Blueprint Editor that would fail to be added into the layout once processing finished.
This has now been fixed and any new guard ring path should appear in the layout once the progress bar reaches 100%.


Other Items

ATE-1832, ATE-1940, ATE-1939, ATE-1919, ATE-1911, ATE-1841, ATE-1629, ATE-1421, ATE-1906, ATE-1854.