Animate now supports routing using vias that have offset OA origins.
ATE-1964The min routing over active layer now defaults to the first thin metal layer, if there are only three metal layers or fewer available in the technology file. This gives the router the freedom to route over the active region of mosfets on the first metal layer, if necessary.
ATE-1938The pattern router now reserves the top two thin metal layers for general routing in nodes larger than 90nm, if there are no conflicts within the routing pattern that require the full set of layers for that pattern to route.



Resolved Issues


Animate now aborts a layout save, if any instances cannot be exported to OA.
ATE-1727Previously, there was a noticeable lag, when changing hierarchy levels or switching in/out of single layout view. This has now been resolved.
ATE-1945Prevented case where wirelength optimisation of non-mos could create bad layout in full symmetry mode.

Re-enabled basic resistor routing between adjacent devices.


Multiple issues with different-finger-count arrays have been fixed that resulted from the need to add padding dummies to get full contact sharing.

All of these arrays should now have padding dummies in the appropriate places between non-sharing instances, and should maintain symmetry when in mirrored base analog style.


Other Items

ATE-1836, ATE-1958, ATE-1953, ATE-1952, ATE-1951, ATE-1946, ATE-1912, ATE-1909, ATE-1962, ATE-1956, ATE-1908, ATE-1851, ATE-1075, ATE-1922.