ATE-1997Performance improvements.
ATE-1979Improved wirelength optimisation of segmented resistors.
ATE-1999Improved support for resistor reshaping to include devices where the total resistance (as calculated by CDF parameter callbacks) is stored as a regular property on instances in layout cellviews, instead of as a Pcell parameter.

The minimum spacing layout control has been added which allows a user to space a pair of instances apart on a particular layer type to a specified minimum distance.

The option appears in the Blueprint Editor for a selection of 2 instances that are neighbouring in the layout, initially created with a default layer type and distance. The right-click menu for the blue minimum spacing marker offers options to set layer type and minimum spacing value. These layout controls can be deleted through the right-click menu or selecting the marker and pressing "d".

Additionally, query tips have been added for layout controls: uniform and minimum spacing, vertical line of symmetry, and alignment. They are accessed by pressing the tab key and provide information about the layout control. Repeated pressing of the tab key traverses the stack of layout controls that may overlap at a particular location, raising each to the top in turn and allowing it to be selected when it would previously have been inaccessible.

Using the minimum spacing layout control that was recently created, rather than using the routing channels described in the ticket, there is now a Blueprint Editor tool to Set Max Density.

The tool launches a dialog that allows a user to specify a max density value and the parameters of the density metric that will be used to assess the current density:

  • Window height and width - for the size of the regions that will be individually checked for density.
  • Window step - for the step the window will be translated across the layout in order to examine the full layout. Must be a value smaller than the minimum of the window width and height as we cannot step beyond the window limits. The window path starts in the bottom left of the layout.
  • Edge behaviour (BACKUP/TRUNCATE/IGNORE) - options for what the window does when it overhangs the far right/top side of the layout, in the case that the window does not perfectly divide into the layout dimensions. See Calibre manual for the definitions of the behaviour.
  • Layer - one or more layers that will specify which geometry in the layout is used in the density calculation.



Resolved Issues


Fixed crash that could occur when unplacing certain decoupling capacitors or power downs.

ATE-1990Fixed some sub-optimal placements of DP-CMCM soft patterns.
ATE-1998Fixed a bug that was causing a failure to match the number of vertical cuts in poly heads in some circumstances.
ATE-1976Fixed some missing alignments on segmented resistors.


Other Items

ATE-1994, ATE-1955, ATE-1989, ATE-1984, ATE-1918, ATE-2002, ATE-2001, ATE-1996, ATE-1995.