Added support for Opposite flag with wider width min spacing tables.


Improved selection of poly head directions, particularly for elements in soft patterns.


Mosfet match arrays that are large enough to violate density rules will have minimum spacings applied to spread instances into compliance.



Resolved Issues

AN-5670The default location of the Animate_Cache has moved from the current working directory to /dev/shm
The directory created in /dev/shm will be named Animate_Cache_<technology>, e.g. Animate_Cache_tsmc13 so that caches with different technologies don't interfere with each other. 
ATE-2035Fixed incorrect addition of diode to current mirror.
ATE-2029Fixed missing current mirror using specific constraint.


Other Items

ATE-2070, ATE-2069, ATE-2036, ATE-2026, ATE-2024, ATE-2024, ATE-2023, ATE-2022, ATE-2012, ATE-1987, ATE-1975, ATE-1950, ATE-1921, ATE-1914, ATE-2032, ATE-2020, ATE-2011, ATE-1687.