ATE-2314New constraint "Minimum routing over active" added, which allows the user to specify the minimum metal layer that Animate can use to route over actives.
ATE-2273Improved via selection when converting fixed space routing.

Improved the appearance of the Design tab of the Constraints Editor. The dimension input fields now have validation. The layout has been made more consistent.



Resolved Issues


All required layers are now included in the layer map and each augmentation has a unique rule name.


Other Items

ATE-2317, ATE-2316, ATE-2313,  ATE-2308, ATE-2299, ATE-2312, ATE-2307, ATE-2306, ATE-2305, ATE-2304, ATE-2302, ATE-2298, ATE-2297, ATE-2296, ATE-2285, ATE-2261, ATE-2169, ATE-2045, ATE-2044.