ATE-2315Enabled new feature for "pseudo hierarchy levels" which allows the user to select instances in a schematic and treat them as though they were in a lower level of hierarchy. This allows them to do more detailed editing within the pseudo level and see those changes reflected across all layouts in the parent level.



Resolved Issues


Prevented crash from irregular cascodes in soft patterns.


Fixed case where resistor routing could leave opens between some non-adjacent nets.

ATE-2381Fixed missing NP in space between resistors.


Other Items

ATE-2343, ATE-2342, ATE-2340, ATE-2339, ATE-2338, ATE-2316, ATE-2280, ATE-2395, ATE-2385, ATE-2377, ATE-2363, ATE-2346, ATE-2328, ATE-2301, ATE-2299, ATE-2397, ATE-2396, ATE-2384, ATE-2383, ATE-2382,  ATE-2379, ATE-2375, ATE-2359, ATE-2335, ATE-2320, ATE-2311.