ATE-2273Improved via selection when converting fixed space routing.
ATE-287MinExtension type rules that have a minimum width requirement for the enclosing layer before the rule should apply are now supported in Animate.



Resolved Issues


Locked snippets are correctly changed when instances are added to / removed from the group.


Resolved an issue with initial loading of constraints.


Resolved an issue in the Blueprint Editor that prevented some instances that had been removed or unplaced (using the associated tools in the Blueprint Editor) from being re-placed using the Place Instance tool.


Other Items

ATE-2432, ATE-2416, ATE-2414, ATE-2413, ATE-2411, ATE-2410,  ATE-2344, ATE-2394, ATE-2363, ATE-2352, ATE-2328, ATE-2301, ATE-2299, ATE-2433, ATE-2431, ATE-2429, ATE-2428, ATE-2426, ATE-2419, ATE-2417, ATE-2404, ATE-2403, ATE-2402, ATE-2401, ATE-2400, ATE-2399, ATE-2376, ATE-2332, ATE-2309, ATE-2195.