ATE-2435Improved performance on some circuits.

Improved via selection when converting fixed space routing.

ATE-2556New environment variable PULSIC_ANIMATE_SESSION_DIR controls the location of the Animate Preview work file directory. The folder location must be shared between Animate and Virtuoso for it to work. No remote checking on LSF yet.



Resolved Issues


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ATE-2557, ATE-2512, ATE-2487, ATE-2480, ATE-2373, ATE-2369, ATE-2368, ATE-2367, ATE-2367, ATE-2366, ATE-2365, ATE-2363, ATE-2328, ATE-2301, ATE-2300, ATE-2299, ATE-2566, ATE-2565, ATE-2542, ATE-2537, ATE-2536, ATE-2535, ATE-2530.