ATE-2549Improved pattern for diff pairs using the maximally dispersed common centroid style.

Made the realisation progress bar in the Blueprint Editor disappear when it hits 100% to make it clearer it has completed.

ATE-2502MFactor grids should now always have correct orientation to allow contact sharing. Previously, this could fail in some cases.



Resolved Issues


Fixed potential crash when right-clicking on the Layout Wall after creating a Group.

ATE-2558Fixed bug that could cause misalignment of placements containing multiple lines of symmetry.
ATE-2474Fixed an issue where deep N-well was not growing to comply with enclosure rules in a fringe case.

Other Items

ATE-2579, ATE-2574,  ATE-2572, ATE-2564, ATE-2512, ATE-2508, ATE-2554, ATE-2583, ATE-2575, ATE-2568, ATE-2567, ATE-2563, ATE-2543, ATE-2542, ATE-2541, ATE-2540, ATE-2539, ATE-2537, ATE-2536, ATE-2535, ATE-2530, ATE-2518, ATE-2289, ATE-2042.