ATE-2546Improved memory usage for large circuits and high mfactor cases.
ATE-2348Improved performance, primarily of fixed space routing, but also some other areas.

Technologies with three thin metal layers now have support for differential pair pattern routing.



Resolved Issues

Fixed regression in the locking of child layouts in hierarchical designs.
ATE-2598Locked group layouts will no longer erroneously contain dummies based on removed instances.
ATE-2581Modifying constraints no longer causes locked layouts to restart realisation.

Fixed bug that could cause Animate to regenerate layouts unnecessarily after irrelevant constraint changes.

Other Items

ATE-2600, ATE-2597,  ATE-2564, ATE-2533, ATE-2512, ATE-2585, ATE-2584, ATE-2543, ATE-2542, ATE-2541, ATE-2540, ATE-2539, ATE-2537, ATE-2536, ATE-2535, ATE-2530, ATE-2493.