Improved memory usage when creating groups.

ATE-2660Improved behaviour of "Hide Unselected" to avoid memory usage issues.
ATE-2561Improved initial zoom of layout wall to avoid memory issues.



Resolved Issues

Groups containing multiple bulk nets will be obeyed and placed in the layout.
ATE-2638Fixed a crash when adding pull down diodes to a diff pair match with no end of row dummies.

Other Items

ATE-2693, ATE-2681, ATE-2680, ATE-2679, ATE-2678, ATE-2675, ATE-2674, ATE-2673, ATE-2672, ATE-2669, ATE-2659, ATE-2657, ATE-2656, ATE-2655, ATE-2700, ATE-2690, ATE-2646, ATE-2645, ATE-2644, ATE-2640, ATE-2610, ATE-2592, ATE-2551, ATE-2475.