The metal routing environment of the active regions of critical structures (differential pairs, current mirrors and cascodes) is now maintained after the general routing mechanisms have completed, inserting fake tracks, where necessary, to achieve this.


Improved support for OpenAccess minAdjacentViaSpacing constraints.


Resolved Issues

ATE-2755Guard Ring Reinforcement no longer cuts through adjacent matches/groups.

Flattening multiple levels of hierarchy should no longer be order-dependent, i.e. for a simple hierarchy of parent -> child -> grandchild, both child and grandchild should be flattenable, regardless of the state of the other.

ATE-2727Power rails should now only connect once into each guard ring.

Other Items

ATE-2732, ATE-2731, ATE-2730, ATE-2724, ATE-2720, ATE-2718, ATE-2635, ATE-2772, ATE-2752, ATE-2751, ATE-2750, ATE-2728, ATE-2647, ATE-2625, ATE-2591, ATE-2590, ATE-2771, ATE-2754, ATE-2744, ATE-2740, ATE-2605, ATE-2604, ATE-2603, ATE-2602, ATE-2547, ATE-2530, ATE-2494, ATE-2407,