Small visual updates to the Load Snippets dialog.

ATE-2727Power rails now only connect once into each guard ring.
ATE-2608Improved flipping of resistor ladders when not placed as a same size resistor group.


Resolved Issues

ATE-2761Crash whilst saving group level layout resolved.

Animate now ignores recommended rule exclude marker layers when calculating symmetry.
Otherwise, dummies might not be considered as symmetric. with the instances they mirror.

ATE-2803Animate no longer creates alignments that are not obeyed by standard cell rows. 
ATE-2807Added OA exception handling for OA import to prevent a possible crash.

Other Items

ATE-2788, ATE-2786, ATE-2782, ATE-2724, ATE-2722, ATE-2699, ATE-2779, ATE-2777, ATE-2776, ATE-2773, ATE-2392, ATE-2802, ATE-2799, ATE-2797,  ATE-2796, ATE-2795, ATE-2780, ATE-2754, ATE-2744, ATE-2740, ATE-2715, ATE-2670, ATE-2626.