The constraint style tab is no longer visible in single layout mode. Instead it is hidden behind a button to revert to wall mode, akin to the constraint groups tab.


Made a change to merge project guard rings into technology before the preflow.


Resolved Issues


The GUI previously locked up when removing instances in the Blueprint Editor. 

The GUI should now respond immediately after removing instances in the Blueprint Editor.


Improved soft pattern support for CM-DP-CMCM patterns.

ATE-2862Fixed soft pattern for single leg cascode-current mirror failing incorrectly.
ATE-2844Fixed issue causing gate vias to not be strapped in some cases leaving DRC errors.

Improved validation of OA minSpacing constraints during extraction, to prevent a possible crash.

Other Items

ATE-2878, ATE-2871, ATE-2870, ATE-2859, ATE-2812, ATE-2783, ATE-2759, ATE-2636, ATE-2882, ATE-2879, ATE-2874, ATE-2873, ATE-2868, ATE-2867, ATE-2846, ATE-2845, ATE-2843, ATE-2840, ATE-2838, ATE-2837, ATE-2835, ATE-2866, ATE-2865, ATE-2860, ATE-2854, ATE-2853, ATE-2852, ATE-2851, ATE-2850, ATE-2809, ATE-2781, ATE-2780, ATE-2775, ATE-2740, ATE-2593, ATE-2511.