Improved OA constraint extraction to standardize the names of imported rules.


Resolved Issues


Fixed a bug in reading ADS vias from XML, that could result in incorrect vias being used.

ATE-2909Fixed an issue with incorrectly rotated taps in the Blueprint Editor. 

Taps now rotate based on their base instance.


A fix now ensures that users are unable to create constraints with undesirable combinations of mosfet dummy fingers/length.


The GUI previously locked up when removing instances in the Blueprint Editor

The GUI should now respond immediately after removing instances in the Blueprint Editor.


Fixed some memory leaks and made several other improvements to reduce memory usage.

Other Items

ATE-2926, ATE-2925, ATE-2924, ATE-2923, ATE-2921, ATE-2899, ATE-2895, ATE-2869, ATE-2636, ATE-2908, ATE-2873, ATE-2927, ATE-2922, ATE-2912, ATE-2911, ATE-2900, ATE-2886, ATE-2884, ATE-2850, ATE-2781, ATE-2780, ATE-2775,, ATE-2744, ATE-2740.