Animate now provides user feedback for invalid mirror symmetry pairings.

ATE-3121Animate now supports net layer constraints.


Resolved Issues

Resolved an issue with contact sharing on a specific PDK.
ATE-3241Fixed potential incorrect units when importing MPP guard rings.

Fixed a bug that could cause a group layout to change when an irrelevant constraint was changed at the parent level.

ATE-3227Fixed a specific case where guard rings were wrongly placed around dummies.


Other Items

ATE-3244, ATE-3242, ATE-3238, ATE-3237, ATE-3230, ATE-3229, ATE-3182, ATE-3180, ATE-3088, ATE-3071, ATE-3240, ATE-3224, ATE-3218, ATE-3206, ATE-3158, ATE-3143, ATE-3223, ATE-3222, ATE-3221, ATE-3211, ATE-3210, ATE-3209, ATE-3163, ATE-3174.