Animate's handling of the import of incremental technology derived layers has been improved..


Animate now uses the mfactor parameter names provided by Virtuoso's "mfactorNames" variable.


Added the ability to drag-and-drop multiple rows of instances of different shapes and sizes in the Blueprint Editor.

Layout controls are now preserved when a selection is moved using drag-and-drop in the Blueprint Editor.

Improved how and when layout controls on moved instances merge with those at the move destination in the Blueprint Editor.


Resolved Issues


Fixed a bug which caused Animate to create rotated vias with the incorrect enclosures on implant layers when saving to OA.


Fixed missing override point for incremental technologies in OA preflow.

ATE-3445Fixed crash when creating a group, using Animate training data.


Other Items

ATE-3442, ATE-3390, ATE-3444, ATE-3441, ATE-3438, ATE-3370, ATE-3341, ATE-3366, ATE-3361, ATE-3443, ATE-3394.